All Your Gaming Needs, Past And Future!

Why Shop with Gateway Games Over Big box?

That’s a great question we get asked quite a bit. There are a lot of reasons to shop with us. Some great examples are our wide selection of products spanning new and used games, electronics, and collectibles just to name a few. We also offer top-quality repair on a bunch of devices from phones and tablets to gaming consoles and controllers. We do more than just take your money; we buy things from you at higher rates than all our local competition! Gateway Games is more than just a place to spend or make money, we pride ourselves on being a pillar in the community. We constantly strive to do more for our towns, customers, and most importantly our kids. We spend loads of time and money on investing in our community with a hyper-focus on our kids, from donating to schools and youth groups to volunteering. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these topics.

Let’s begin with the products. We have a HUGE selection of games and accessories, we sell for competitive prices, and we professionally refurbish systems and controllers, so they work as good as new. We test every piece of used hardware that comes through the door to ensure everything works as intended and we pay far more than our corporate competition! From old-school Atari to brand new games on release day, we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for a new system to play or getting your old one back up and running, we are here for you!

We are locally owned. What does that really mean for you?

Well all of us, Tony Pearce, John Pearce, and Jeremy LaMar can regularly be found working inside the shop! The owners help more customers face to face in our stores than our staff does! That’s right not only are there owners that care but we have probably already helped you if you came in, that’s the kind of touch only a local business like us can give you. We are not just owned by locals, but all our employees are locals! We provide full-time jobs and pay over minimum wage! Regular pay raises, advancement opportunities, and commissions are just a few of the benefits we offer on top of paying over minimum wage! We are even looking into adding benefits like medical, dental, and mental heal insurance options!


The money you spend with us goes directly back into OUR community!

Picture of owner Tony Pearce volunteering for “Superhero Day”

We do this in a few ways not only by providing good jobs, but by working with, and donating to as many nonprofits and schools as we can. It’s our mission to regularly work with EVERY school in our community! Our primary focus in the community is our kids, providing them guidance, healthy outlets, and a sense of community and support.

When you shop with us you don’t see someone who’s just there for a paycheck, you see a person who’s passionate about their hobbies and their community. Someone who wants to provide solutions, be it boredom, lack of funding, or repairing your device we really are here to enrich the lives around us. We here at Gateway Games strive to make every customer happy, be it by getting them into a new game, fixing their phone so they can reconnect with their friend and family, or just giving them a friendly smile to brighten their day. We want to be more than just another store; we aim to become a pillar in our community and an example to our fellow businesses. Thank you for choosing local and thank you for choosing Gateway Games!


– Tony Pearce
Owner of Gateway Games