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Get Back
In The Game.

Gateway Games’ Service Department will have you back up and running in no time.

Our device repair services are a cost-friendly way to restore your broken device back to working order.

What Can We Fix For You?

We provide repair services for a variety of products.
Here are a few of the most-common kinds of devices we receive.



Game Consoles

All Repairs Backed By 30-Day Warranty

Dust Kills.

Regular maintenance is critical for keeping your game console running smoothly for many years to come. Dust buildup leads to excess heat, which can shorten the lifespan of your system.

Gateway Games offers deep-cleaning services that clear out all of the gunk and debris that builds up inside game consoles over time, keeping it running cool and efficient.

We also replace thermal paste/pads too!

Clean Your Console Every Year!

We recommend getting your system cleaned at least annually

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Keep It Local.

All repairs are performed in-house by our own trained technicians

When you use our services over a large chain company, your dollars stay local and go back into the local community and help us continue helping you.

Gateway Games is locally owned and operated and we take pride in being part of the cities of Ukiah and Willits.

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Business-To-Business Services

Affiliate Program

Become a drop-off location! Devices are dropped-off at your business and picked-up on a scheduled basis. Repairs are completed by us, and affiliates keep a portion of revenue earned.

Dedicated Service Program

Let us be your company’s repair shop! We will repair your company’s devices at a discounted rate and protect them under an extended warranty. We can even do routine pick-ups from your location.

Why Choose Us?


Gateway Games has many years of experience offering repair services for our customers. Our technicians undergo a lengthy training process and all of our repairs are backed by a warranty.


Our mobile devices go with us everywhere, and we know how annoying it is to be without yours. We strive to complete incoming repairs in a timely fashion so you can be back up and running quickly.


Customer service is important to us. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We stand behind our work and in the event something goes wrong, we'll be here to help make things right again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diagnostic takes one week. The repair process takes an additional 1-2 weeks.
There is a $55 non-refundable diagnostic fee. If we are able to repair the device, we do credit the $55 diagnostic fee towards the total cost of the repair.
A diagnostic is an answer, not a fix, and will not be refunded if the device isn’t fixable. If you paid for a repair and it is later deemed unfixable the cost of the repair will be refunded.
Video game consoles, controllers, iPhones and iPads
Yes we specialize in HDMI repair!
99% of all repairs are done in-house. If there is a need to send a repair out, such as if a Certified Apple repair store is required for Face ID related tasks, we do work with several trusted repair companies, but that is rare and you will be notified if it needs to be sent out.

Ready To Blast Off?

How To Begin

Bring your device to our store and one of our sales associates will take of the drop-off process alongside you.

There’s no need to bring anything but the device itself. We don’t need chargers, controllers, or power cables.

Find Your Store

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